A 'YOUNG male' was reported for numerous offences after police found him riding an off-road motorbike in Buckley.

Officers from the Flintshire South police team came across the male riding the vehicle between Southdown and Elfed Drive on Saturday evening whilst on foot patrol.

A spokesman for the team said the bike was seized and the rider 'was dealt with for offences'.

Insp Iwan Jones said: "They have been reported for a number of offences including driving otherwise than in accordance with a license, not having an MOT certificate and no insurance.

"These bikes are unregistered, unlicensed and have no insurance on them.

"It's dangerous for the rider and for the public as well.

"Parents need to ensure that if they have children who have these, or are intent on buying one, they only use it under circumstances where they are trained, registered and they use it at organised events.

"It can be highly dangerous when they are not properly supervised and there is no structure."