YOUTHS identified in connection with anti-social behaviour and damage in Wrexham "will be dealt with appropriately," police have said.

The Leader has reported recently on Operation Blue Hummingbird, an initiative set up by the Wrexham Rural police team.

It was created to 'prevent problems in identified hotspots, reassure the community, engage with youths and work with partner agencies to provide intervention and education to youths and parents' following concerns about anti-social behaviour.

These concerns have been raised previously in Brynteg/Southsea, Ponciau and Cefn Mawr.

A spokesman for the team confirmed on Monday that the operation continued over the Easter holiday.

"Over the bank holiday weekend PCSOs have been patrolling areas where there have been reports of anti-social behaviour and youths causing damage," the spokesman said.

"These youths have been identified and will be dealt with appropriately."