POLICE in North Flintshire are to undertake an initiative focused on tackling domestic violence.

Operation Blue Silver Birch will begin in March.

Flintshire North Support Sergeant Matt Subacchi said: "We will be driving this operation and prioritising domestic incidents.

"It is a priority of the Chief Constable and it always in our mind, so with this we are aiming to deduce demand and safeguard victims.

"Through analytic work and reviewing reports, as well as speaking to strategic partners, we are identifying victims and suspects and priority addresses.

"It will involve patrolling hot spots where repeat incidents happen."

Inspector Stephen Roberts added: "We treat domestic violence very seriously in North Wales and Flintshire North.

"We look to safeguard victims in any way we can. "We would encourage anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or is aware of ongoing incidents to call 101, or 999 in an emergency."