WREXHAM'S new owners are committed to redeveloping the Kop stand which could house as many as 7,000 supporters.

Hollywood stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have taken control at The Racecourse and the new owners said they want to return the Reds to "the Football League in front of increased attendances, and in an improved stadium".

Key to that will be a newly developed stand at the Kop end to make the ground four-sided and British comedian and writer Humphrey Ker, who has been appointed executive director by the famous actors, says there are plans to increase the capacity to at least 15,000.

"The WST, local government and Welsh government were a long way down a path towards the gateway project which would have included a revamped Kop stand," said Ker.

"That is high on our list of priorities, to try and activate that plan/modify it somewhat so we think it will be the best possible version of it for the club; Wales games and home games for us.

"We currently have a 10,000 seat capacity which realistically is about 8,900 because of safety restrictions and things that you have to do.

"We would like another 5-7,000 seat stand to add to that so we could get more people in when we are tearing it up in League One in a few years time!"

As well as the Kop redevelopment, Ker says improvements are also planned around The Racecourse.

"The stadium as a whole could do with a refresh," added Ker.

"We have engaged with an architectural firm to come down and do a survey on Thursday, and start giving us an idea of the bones of the stadium like what it can sustain, and what areas need the most pressing enhancements and repairs.

"There are always little things that we think we can do now that previously could not be spent on; that money had to be earmarked for playing operations and things that you need to function a football club.

"Given that we have more resources, we are looking to use those in such a way as to ensure that rather than spending £70,000 a year patching the stadium, maybe we can spend £250,000 one year and not have to patch the stadium for 10 years."