Each week we bring you a selection of pictures from readers and Leader Camera Club members, of their beloved pets.

They've been the ultimate good company for many of us over the last 12 months, in all shapes and sizes.

From dogs and cats, bunnies and hamsters, lizards and birds, pets are an enormous part of our lives.

Whether it's a furry friend, fish, spider or snake, they become part of the family. A cherished part of our day to day life.

Have you welcomed a rescue animal into your home, changing both your lives?

Or do you have an animal that has been your reason to be cheerful during the strange and isolating lockdown days?

If you would like to show off your family pets, from fur and scales to feathers and spikes, you can send photos via our simple Q&A link here or email claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk

Check out just some of the pictures you've shared with us, in our gallery above.