THERE has been another sighting of a mystery beast on Halkyn Mountain - and this time the witness says it may have attacked three lambs.

The witness reported seeing a “large, thick-furred” animal stalking a herd of sheep on the community scrubland on the evening of January 6.

He said the sheep, which are in lamb, began to act strangely and started to run before he saw what he believes could have been a big cat moving along the tree line.

When he returned to the scene two hours later, he says, he found three dead lambs with "huge bite marks".

BIG CAT SIGHTING - Several reports of lynx and puma type creatures in Llangollen

The report to Puma Watch North Wales reads: “Myself and my parents when to check our flock of sheep that are currently in lamb on the community scrubland and noticed that a large, thick furred animal was stalking the heard from the tree line.

“As we began to leave, the sheep began to act strange and began to run. Myself and my parents returned to the same site around two hours later to find long thick blonde fur and huge bite marks on three lamb carcasses that had large marks, too big to be from a dog."

The report then takes a strange turn as the witness says their are rumours of a mystery beast being shot dead on the other side of the mountain.

He adds: “Since this has happened a large strange-looking beast has been shot and killed on the other side of the mountain towards Lixwm."

Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch North Wales, said the sighting was of concern but more evidence was needed to establish if a creature had been shot.

He said: The sighting itself sounds pretty intense, sounds like it was dark at the time so I think it was probably a typically tawny-coloured animal that's looked a bit on the blonde side without proper light. Always sad to hear of livestock being attacked and the circumstances here are quite concerning.

"I think unless we hear something more about it, the animal supposedly being shot on the other side of the mountain is probably just a rumour and a red herring."

Big cat sightings have become common in the area.

Back in October, Robert Kardziz encountered a mysterious beast behind his Billie Jeans cafe in Pentre Halkyn.

Then, Robert told the Leader: "I thought what the hell is that? I couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it wasn't a badger and it definitely wasn't a dog. It made some odd noise and ran off - it jumped over the fence and there's quite a big drop on the other side. There were cattle in the field and they scattered.

"It was quite dark, it almost had the outline of a black lab or something like that, but the noise it made was a screech, it wasn't a dog.

"It was so quick, that I don't want to say it's this colour or that colour, but we did see something."

Later, during the recent snowfall, Robert and his son found strange footprints of a large creature crossing the yard.

In just the past four months there have been sightings in the countryside in Abergele, Pontybodkin, Corwen, Whitford, Rhaullt Hill, Talacre, and Snowdonia.

Tony believes the number of sightings points to a small population of big cats in North Wales.

He said: “There are countless accounts of sightings shared by locals, both recent and historic. It seems it’s common knowledge among many local communities that a small population of big cats such as pumas exist within North Wales.

“We believe most of those reporting sightings did indeed see pumas or cougars. Some people say they aren’t sure and it could have been something more common, though we have a Twitter account with a small established following and from the sightings reported to us, it’s clear many are seriously and genuinely concerned."