THE parents of a little girl whose brave fight against illness inspired so many people have vowed to do something special in her memory.

10-year-old Eva Williams died on Friday just over a year since she was diagnosed with intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).

Her heartbroken parents Carran Williams and Paul Slapa, of Marford, say they now want to make sure Eva's legacy lives on.

Her wishes were to help other children and their families going through similar ordeals.

They shared their intentions on the Unbeatable Eva Facebook page, where updates on her health and fundraising efforts throughout North Wales and beyond were shared.

Paul and Carran said: "We are very grateful for the kind messages of support we have received since Friday, and I want to thank all of you who have sent cards and flowers for us, and little gifts for the boys.

"If anyone is considering sending anything, please consider instead a donation to Eva’s fund. At the outset of this journey, Carran and I talked to Eva about what we would do if we had funds left over following treatment, and we all agreed that we would like to do something to support other families going through this horrific time.

"We don’t quite know what that looks like yet, but we have promised Eva that we will do something special in her name, and that she will have a legacy to help others – fitting given how caring she was."

They added: "In time we will let you all know our intentions, but be assured that our fight against DIPG continues. No parent should watch their child suffer as we had to. No sibling should grow up without their brother or sister. No families should suffer the grief of losing a little one, who should have their whole future in front of them. Most importantly, no child should have to experience what Eva, and so many other children, have done in the past. Eva fought with bravery and dignity throughout, even when everything was taken from her, doing things HER way.

"So we fight for her, and we always will."

After Eva was diagnosed, her parents launched a fundraising campaign to fund a place on a medical trial in the USA that it was hoped would extend and improve her quality of life.

The fund quickly reached the target of £250,000 with hundreds of people supporting the fundraising efforts, from charity skydives to the production of a limited edition batch of Unbeatable Eva lager.

The global coronavirus pandemic saw the trials closed to patients from abroad, meaning her family looked for other options while Eva received costly medication privately.

The announcement by Paul and Carran has been welcomed by supporters of Unbeatable Eva.

On Facebook, Vicky Tombs said: "You are so strong! I’m sure you don’t feel it but you are. Keeping going in her name, an amazing legacy for an amazing girl."

Lisa Messex-Heacock said: "Thinking of you all and spreading the word. You are right! No one should ever have to to through this!"

Andi Whittaker said: "Having a legacy for Eva is a huge act of kindness. I hope it will also offer you comfort in the months ahead. I will make a further donation in memory of your beautiful Eva."

Vicki Dean said: "No parent should have to watch their child go through what you guys did, and no child should ever have to go through what your beautiful girl did. Make sure you have some special time together to do something amazing for her in her memory."