PLAY and sports facilities in Ponciau may have to close if ongoing anti-social behaviour issues don't stop, a councillor has warned.

North Wales Police's rural crime team announced over the weekend it had been made aware of recent anti-social behaviour at the ward's skate park.

A spokesman said: "Officers have been out on patrol there. May we remind parents of their responsibilities to ensure children are being kept safe during lockdown and they are not to meet up with friends, even outdoors."

Councillor Paul Pemberton, county councillor for Ponciau, said there had been a "spike" in the behaviour at the site.

"I have been down there several times," he said.

"There's a group of youngsters smashing bottles and leaving beer cans.

"It's not only the skate park, but the children's play park as well.

"There's no school at the moment and that park is for small children. "The community council manages it.

"Our staff have to go there every day to clear up - if we didn't it could be detrimental to the safety of small children.

"I was there this morning and there's broken glass around.

"The last thing we want to do is close the parks but that might be a last resort if we can't manage it.

"The police have been very good, they have been there all weekend."

Speaking to those responsible, cllr Pemberton said: "Life is hard enough - why are you doing this? There's just no need for it. "If you're bored, think of something else to do. Please don't trash it."

Cllr Pemberton said he is speaking with officers at Wrexham Council in order to set up a meeting to discuss support, adding: "I am keen to get other parties on board."