A MYSTERIOUS humming noise is said to be making the lives of Wrexham residents a misery.

The source of the noise, which is keeping some people up at night, had been identified as coming from a factory in Gresford - which has now silenced the machinery causing the sound.

However, while according to a local councillor Gresford residents say the issue for them has now been resolved, people from other areas of Wrexham are complaining that it is worse than ever - so bad that it can be heard over the noise of the television.

Some Wrexham residents have taken to social media to complain about the noise, with some in the Acton area saying they have been hearing it for "several years".

In the last week, residents of Marchwiel, Cross Lanes, Gwersyllt, Pentre Broughton and Hightown have all complained of hearing the noise - especially at night.

National Grid has conducted an investigation into the noise in the Wrexham area and says its machinery is not the cause of the sound - which can be heard by some and not others living in the same area.

In July of last year, the Leader reported on a similar issue also prevalent in the Deeside area - the cause of which remains unsolved.

A possible explanation is the global phenomenon known as 'the Hum' - which is said to affect about four per cent of the world's population and is heard solely in urban areas.

An investigation by science teacher Glen MacPherson - who created the World Hum Map and Database – an interactive map that has accumulated thousands of hearers’ descriptions of their experience and their locations across the globe - found approximately four per cent of people across the world can hear the mysterious low frequency sound.

The fact that only some people can hear it leads to some physicians pointing to tinnitus, a self-reported disturbance of the auditory system, in response to complaints about the Hum.

Wrexham Council has been approached for comment on the matter.