THE coronavirus vaccine will not be delivered to your front door, the Health Minister said as scams continue.

At the Welsh Government press conference on January 11, Health Minister Vaughan Gething said there have been a number of scams circulating which involve the Covid-19 vaccine.

Including a 'particularly nasty one' in which people have been tricked into paying for a vaccine and then 'jabbed in the arm'.

The Health Minister added: "I want to be clear, our NHS will never ask anyone to pay for a covid vaccine, these are free.

"The NHS will never ask for your bank details and vaccines are not being delivered to your front door by people who have not been identified as NHS staff.

" Everyone will be contacted directly by our NHS, either by phone or by letter, advising you about where you will have your vaccine.

"If you think you have been targeted, please tell someone you trust."