THE coronavirus vaccine roll-out is well under way right across the UK which offers a ‘brighter futuer’ for 2021.

However the UK finds itself under lockdown rules, with First Minister Mark Drakeford extending restrictions in Wales for a further three-weeks.

At the Welsh Government press conference on January 8, he told the nation that the vaccine roll-out is under way and he ‘shares’ the Prime Ministers ambitions of vaccinating the top four priority groups by mid-February.

However stressed this is dependant on the programme and vaccine supplies.

With residents across the UK keen to get back to normal, having spent the last 10 months living under various restrictions, the First Minister was asked whether people who have both doses of the vaccine could get ‘back to normal’.

He was asked to clarify how people should behave once they receive the vaccine, and once they’ve had a second dose, can they behave as normal then.

The FM said his advice is that they should continue to act ‘carefully and sensitively to context’, because people will still be living in the community where there are others who are getting the virus.

He said that protection will be delivered in a context where virus is widespread. He said people should still act in a cautionary way as although the vaccine will provide a significant level of protection, covid is still ‘very high’.

Mr Drakeford urges people to recognise their new protection but also recognise that for many weeks, coronavirus will be a feature in all of our lives.