MANY people will have been glad to see the back of 2020 and set themselves New Year resolutions.

With people up and down the country pledging that 2021 would be their year to get fit and healthy and cut out the snacking, but with the UK in yet another lockdown, dieting can be tough.

One Wrexham woman said her life has been changed for the better since she lost a staggering five stone in just four-months.

Going from a size 28 to a size 14, Viviene Moore said she was inspired to lose weight last September due to fear of Covid-19.

She told the Leader not only was she 'embarrassed' of her weight but also 'scared' of the severe illness she could get if she caught coronavirus.

The 47-year-old from Ruabon said: "I'd been overweight for quite some time and I'd got to the point of feeling disgusted with myself and not being happy with the way I looked.

"With coronavirus still spreading across the UK, I saw something online about how if you have a BMI of over 40 your chances of death rises and it scared me into needing to do something.

"I saw an advert on social media and I was offered a free month on the 1-1 diet by the Cambridge Weight Plan to blog my journey and I haven't looked back since.

"Everything has completely changed for me and I decided to stick with it, I lost 5 stone in 18 weeks.

"My relationship with food has completely changed, I no longer eat emotionally or binge eat.

The Leader:

"Everything in my life has changed dramatically and I do a lot of walking now. I can't describe how much healthier and happier I feel and if I was to get into any health difficulties, my weight is no longer an issue."

Viviene said people put too much pressure on themselves to stick to a strict weight loss diet but need to 'accept' it is not easy.

She added: "It can be done. I was seriously overweight and if I can do it, anyone can.

"I am now supporting people through it so I've also found a job I love and have that first-hand experience.

"There are good days and bad days but the bad days do certainly get a lot less.

"If you started a diet and are struggling through lockdown, stick with it as best you can. I put myself on a strict diet for 12 weeks and some people aren't able to do that, they fall off the wagon within a week.

"But the biggest tip I can give is if you eat something you shouldn't have, accept it and get back to the diet when the next meal comes along.

"Enjoy what you had, accept it and be nice to yourself."

The Leader: