PLANS to increase the size of a Wrexham primary school look set to move forward, despite “grave concerns” over increased traffic and parking problems.

Wrexham Council is behind the proposals to create space at Barker’s Lane Community Primary School for an extra 120 pupils.

Residents living close to the school have raised a number of objections ahead of the application being considered by councillors next week.

Acton Community Council also said it was worried about the impact on the safety of pupils walking to school.

In a representation submitted to the council, it said: “The community council expresses grave concerns about the potential generation and increase in the traffic using Barkers Lane at the start and end of the school day and potential for further congestion due to this proposed extension to the size of the school.

“It also has concerns for pupils who do reside nearby and walk to Barkers Lane school from the nearby housing estate, particularly if emerging from the Sherwell Avenue direction to the school.

“This will involve them having have to cross a heavily congested and potentially gridlocked Barkers Lane to walk along the pavement and then re-cross the road to access their school as there is no footpath along Barkers Lane between Sherwell Avenue and the school itself.

“The community council has grave concerns about the safety aspects of siting a new entrance and car parking for 45 staff on Lisburne Grove opposite a residential property on a bend and the potential for parents to try and use this entrance to drop off their children.

“The community council is of the view that the ability of local roads to cope with the increased traffic flow to the school is a very concerning health and safety issue.”

Education officials said the move to expand the school had been put forward to meet a growing demand, which they were unable to meet during the last round of admissions.

It meant some pupils whose parents chose Barker’s Lane as their preferred school were refused entry.

Executive board members previously voted to support measures which will see full time pupil numbers increase from 210 to 315, while the number of nursery children will go up from 30 to 45.

The proposals would result in the creation of a new nursery, a car park for staff on Lisburne Grove and improved play facilities, along with the refurbishment of the existing building.

The council’s chief planning officer has recommended the application for approval as he said he did not believe it would have a major impact on road safety.

In a report, Lawrence Isted said: “Consultees, including the community council have raised concerns in relation to potential traffic generation and congestion at peak times.

“This is an inevitable consequence of the way schools operate, but the problem is concentrated for a short period in the morning and mid afternoon.

“For the vast majority of the time there are no issues. In fact, in comparison with many other schools, Barkers Lane is well provided for.

“Due to its location there is a limited amount of through traffic and existing laybys outside the school provide a safe pick up / drop off facility without obstructing residential properties.

“The applicants have provided a transport statement and I am satisfied that the information provided demonstrates that due to likely trade off from moving staff parking into the curtilage of the school and the small increase in pupil numbers, the impact on the surrounding network is not expected to be significant.”

The plans will be discussed by the authority’s planning committee at a meeting on Monday, December 7.