In the Leader's Me and My Motor feature, we meet the people with a passion for vehicles.

It might be a classic that only comes out on sunny weekends or a supercar that gets to open up on track days.

Maybe you have a vintage motorbike or tractor, or have converted a camper into a dream space for getaways.

Or do you have something just a little bit different - old fire engine, double decker, steam engine or tank?!

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If you have a motor you're proud of, you can share it with us here or email for details.

The Leader:

Above: James Bellis' 1967 mk3 Spitfire.

• Today we hear about the motors of James Bellis, from Denbighshire...

What vehicle/s do you own, and for how long?

I own a Triumph Spitfire mk3 (since 2014) and an uber rare Volkswagen Scirocco Storm mk1 (2019)

Why this particular vehicle/s?

Growing up, my Taid had a Landcrab, his colleague had a Princess Vanden Plas, and along with my mum having an Austin Healey Frogeye as a first car, I inherited the big passion for classic cars.

Back in 1998, I helped a guy out with a broken down Triumph Spitfire. Once he was mobile, he let me have a go and from then on I wanted one.

My brother found a mk2 needing restoration, so we bought it and restored it, back on the road in 2000. I stupidly sold it back in 2008 due to family and money needs.

I always wanted another, so after an inheritance, I bought my 1967 mk3 from Caernarfon. Some guys are MG guys, I’m a Triumph guy. Wouldn’t sell it.

The Leader:

Above: The 1980 Scirocco outside Bodelwyddan Castle.

What do you mainly use it for, and do you take it to shows or events?

I take it to shows, although it’s far from mint, and it goes to Cars and Coffee Cheshire (Upton Sports Club) every month. I occasionally take it to work, up the M56, which is great fun.

What does your family think?

My wife is very supportive of my hobby and encouraged me to buy another Spitfire once we had a garage again. I’ve not done much with it this year since having a baby, but baby Juliana seems to take a keen interest in it. I hope she also gets the bug as one day it will be hers!

The Leader:

Above: Baby Juliana in the Spitfire.

What was your first car?

My first car was a 76 Mini 1000 at age 13, then a 68 Mini Minor, a 77 Allegro VDP and a 1980 Mini 1275gt, all before getting my licence at 17. I then had a 1989 Mini designer.

What is your dream/fantasy vehicle?

A 1980’s Porsche 911 is my ultimate dream car, as I’m an 80’s yuppie child. I’ve had a 944 and 996 over the years, but nothing compares to the air cooled 911.

Favourite famous vehicle (real life, movies etc) and why?

It has to be Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds and the Porsches from No Mans Land with Charlie Sheen, some proper 911s there!

• If you have or have had any vehicles you're passionate about, you can share your story with us here, or email