A WREXHAM man has raised more than £3,000 to help his town's homeless community during winter.

The Leader reported recently how Nigel Lewis, of Wrexham Savers, planned to walk 130 miles during the fire-break lockdown with his bichon frise dog Lily.

Completing a route of more than eight miles a day, Mr Lewis passed his target of £3,000 and has thanked his supporters.

He said: "It went very well - we had some really mixed weather but I got to explore lots of interesting paths and routes around Wrexham which I hadn't before.

"I am very pleased that I have been able to raise just over £3,400.

"It will be going to a social enterprise in Wrexham called Yellow and Blue (YAB) and it will be used to plug some of the gaps and support homeless people in different ways over the winter months. "I am probably going to be volunteering with them as well and getting hands on to help. "There is a lot of support out there from councils and other organisations but I think some people still fall through the gaps, so I hope this funding will help."

Speaking of the support he has received throughout the fundraiser, he added: "I would really like to thank every single person who donated to us. "We also had some people who came along on the walks some days and I'd like to thank them for their support too."