HUNDREDS of knives and firearms have been taken off Wrexham streets in recent years, according to figures.

Freedom of Information data obtained by the Leader from North Wales Police shows the total number of the items which were seized, recovered or found by officers each year from the beginning of 2016 to the end of October this year.

During that time there was a total of 531 firearms (including replicas and imitations) and 668 knives.

So far in 2020 there have been 159 knives and 94 firearms.

Sgt Claire McGrady urged members of the public to dispose of unwanted items.

She said: "If you or a relative no longer wishes to retain firearms, hand them in.

"Contact your local police team and they can be surrendered and made safe for the prevention of crime and for your peace of mind."

She also warned about the consequences of carrying knives, adding: "Carrying prohibited items can have a life changing impact and result in a criminal conviction.

"Think about the consequences and don't buy them online.

"Just because they're on sale somewhere, that doesn't mean it's legal."

Sgt McGrady also urged members of the public to make use of an 'amnesty bin' at Wrexham Police Station if they want to dispose of unwanted knives.