THERE will be no changes to the coronavirus regulations in Wales, the First Minister has confirmed.

Since the fire-break lockdown ended in Wales earlier this month, non essential retail, hospitality and the tourism industry have re-opened and two households have been able to meet.

The Leader previously reported that the Welsh Government scrapped the local lockdown restrictions and instead introduced a new set of 'simpler' national rules which will be reviewed every two weeks.

At the press conference on Friday, November 20, the First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed that ministers decided not to change the set of national rules for the time being.

The First Minister said there is evidence that shows the fire-break has been successful and the seven-day rate in Wales has fallen to around 160 cases for every 100k people.

However, he urged people to continue following the rules and not treat the pandemic as though 'coronavirus has gone away'.

Mr Drakeford added that the virus is 'deadly' and is still 'killing people' however the R-Rate lies somewhere between 0.9 and 1.2.

The press conference heard how the success of the fire-break had not yet translated into reducing the number of hospital admissions and around 50 wards in Wales were 'full of people seriously ill' with the virus - many of whom could be in hospital for us to 3-weeks.

The First Minister went on the say that since the end of the lockdown, police forces have attended more than 1,000 coronavirus-related incidents in which the 'selfish minority' of people were putting 'everybody else at risk'.

He added that additional restrictions were being placed in Northern Ireland and in large parts of Scotland.

He went on to say: "This is exactly what we are trying to avoid here in Wales.

"It is against that background that the cabinet this week reviewed the national measures we have put in place in the post fire-break period and we have decided not to change them.

“There is no room for a further relaxation of those measures, and they will remain the same for the next two weeks.

“We need everyone, every single one of us to play our part to make sure that we continue to build on the progress of the fire-break and to keep those coronavirus cases falling.

“It’s simple, we know what we have to do. We have to reduce our contact with other people as much as we can. We have to avoid travelling, unless it is really necessary and we need to work from home, whenever we can.

“If we do all this together, then we can have a path through to Christmas. And I know of course that many people will be planning for Christmas, and will be hoping to see family and friends over that festive period.

"We are working closely with the Scottish Government, Northern Ireland and UK Government to come up with a four-nation plan to help people come together safely over the holiday period. There's been a great deal of speculation over what a plan may look like but it is still being worked on."

The First Minister went on to say that it is not yet clear what Christmas will look like but relaxation of measures will increase the risk of infection.

The current regulations will be reviewed in another two-weeks.