SHAUN PEARSON knows the pressure is on after Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s takeover of Wrexham was given the green light.

The Wrexham skipper, talking to BBC 5 Live, was responding to a question about increased pressure at The Racecourse with the Hollywood stars calling the shots.

He said: “Since I’ve been here there has been a big expectation every year to be at the top end and everybody is desperate for promotion.

“It is a big, big football club for the level we are at and it’s been down in non-league for many years now, so that pressure is already there.

“It’s only going to intensify now and one of the things is that the investment isn’t going to have any impact in the short-term because we are outside of the transfer window and can’t sign anybody.”

Pearson, sidelined with a foot problem, also lifted the lid on the thoughts of the dressing room.

“Without a doubt there is excitement,” said Pearson, before joking: “There’s talk of money and different things like that, so there’s a few jokes floating around about trying to get some good performances in over the next few weeks!

“There’s plenty of chit-chat about it.”