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SARAH Atherton MP has some audacity. In her Leader column on Monday (November 2) she claims to have been pressing Welsh Government for further support for business.

Welsh Government approached the Westminster Conservative Government and asked that the Furlough scheme be extended across the Welsh firebreak period.

Welsh Government offered to pay the difference between the furlough scheme and the Job Support Scheme.

The Westminster Government turned down this request as there was not enough money!! Funny that, as now the PM has decided that England need to lockdown, there is suddenly the money for furlough!

Not only for Wales but for the whole of England too, has the chancellor had a lottery win? The Westminster Government have treated Wales and the north of England with complete contempt throughout this period of lockdown.

The timing of the firebreak in Wales was determined by the rise in the rate of the virus, not by having to comply with monetary deadlines.

They took the timely decision to firebreak for two weeks before case numbers got too high, whilst the PM dithered around in England and more lives were lost, and they are now having to enter a longer lockdown.

I'm sure this will help many small businesses. Rather than continue to criticise Welsh Government she may like to consider the position of the Conservative Westminster Government.

Sarah Taylor, Branch Secretary, Unison Flintshire