DRUG dealers, burglars and abusive partners were amongst the Wrexham and Flintshire criminals brought to justice in October.

The Leader has looked back at some of the court cases that have been featured in the paper this month following hearings at the county’s Crown Court building.

These are some of the criminals who were sentenced by Mold Crown Court in October:

The Leader:

NAME: Mark Harrison

AGE: 33

CRIME: Arson and assaulting a police officer

SENTENCE: Three-and-a-half years in prison and a five-year restraining order against ex-partner

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: "She heard bottles falling outside and it is good fortune that sound was caused because it caused her to look outside.

"What the consequences of that fire could have been, had her attention not been drawn, we can only imagine.”

A Wrexham plasterer who started a fire outside the home of his ex-partner and children has been jailed.

The Leader:

NAME: Liam Roy Macdonald

AGE: 33

CRIME: Supply Class A drugs

SENTENCE: 40 months in prison

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: Recorder Duncan Bould said it was "perfectly clear" Macdonald was street dealing and had his "eyes wide open" as to what he was doing.

A drug dealer operating in Connah's Quay has been jailed for 40 months after being caught 'red-handed'.

The Leader:

NAME: Ramone Nelson

AGE: 28

CRIME: Supply of Class A drugs

SENTENCE: Two years in prison

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “You indicate that one of your motives for selling drugs was to gain money to provide for your daughter, now 17-months-old.

“I am sure you now appreciate the fault in this decision. “There were any number of other ways you could have provided for her.”

A cocaine dealer made an impassioned plea for mercy after a court heard he sold drugs in order to provide for his young daughter.

The Leader:

NAME: Ryan Hamid

AGE: 28

CRIME: Supply of Class A drugs

SENTENCE: Eight years, six months in prison

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “There's no shred of evidence you were being directed by your co-accused or any other - you were running your own organised criminal group.

"You had a large customer base, which you exploited for your own greed."

Hamid was sentenced alongside five other gang members – with a sixth awaiting her sentence later this year. These include:

• James Morris (six years, three months in prison)

• Daniel Delaney (four years, eleven months in prison)

• Stuart Ashton (four years, six months in prison)

• Wade Doolan (four years, three months in prison)

• Shaun Baxter (three years, six months in prison)

Members of a county lines gang which supplied crack cocaine and heroin to Flintshire communities have been jailed.

The Leader:

NAME: Richard Howard

AGE: 44

CRIME: Assault / Controlling and coercive behaviour

SENTENCE: Two-and-a-half years in prison and a 10-year restraining order against ex-partner

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “For the fourth time and with the fourth different partner you have demonstrated your contempt for women. This is a case about bullying and control.”

A man held a terrified mum-of-two "hostage" in her own bedroom with a kitchen knife during a months-long campaign of abuse, a court heard.

The Leader:

NAME: Marc Nathan Williams and Harry James Povey

AGE: Williams (23) and Povey (19)

DATE: Tuesday, October 13

CRIME: Burglary

SENTENCE: Williams (Three years and nine months in prison) and Povey (Two years and three months in prison)

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: It was a ‘significant’ number of burglaries with a ‘degree of sophistication and planning’ involved into what is always ‘deeply unsettling offences’.

A group that targeted people’s homes and stole thousands of pounds worth of items have appeared before Mold Crown Court.

The Leader:

NAME: Thomas Flynn

AGE: 24

CRIME: Burglary

SENTENCE: Four years and two months

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “This was a targeted and professionally planned burglary of someone's house seeking gold.”

Burglars punched vulnerable Wrexham mum and threatened to kill her baby, court told

The Leader:

NAME: Adam Fradj

AGE: 21

CRIME: Drug offences

SENTENCE: Three and a half years

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “You were plainly dealing for gain.”

"You were plainly dealing for gain" - jail for man who had knife and drugs in Wrexham

A man who was caught with thousands of pounds worth of drugs in Wrexham has been jailed.

The Leader:

Name: Luke Gilham

Age: 43

CRIME: Police chase

JAIL SENTENCE: One year and four months and disqualified from driving

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “You drove seemingly oblivious to the risk you posed by driving at speed."

Jail for Flint dad who led police on chase through town with child in car

The Leader:

NAME: Rikki Dulson

AGE: 30

CRIME: Making a threat with a bladed article, harassment and criminal damage

SENTENCE: 21-months and restraining order

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: “You're a dangerously obsessive individual.”

Wrexham man 'bombarded former partner with messages and threatened to stab her neighbour'

The Leader:

NAME: Adam Edwards

AGE: 33

CRIME: Criminal damage and ABH

SENTENCE: 18 months

WHAT THE JUDGE SAID: "It was a cowardly attack and it continued when she was on the ground."

A Rhos dad who broke a woman's nose in a cowardly unprovoked attack has been jailed.