A MEMBER of the Senedd is 'extremely concerned' that police recruitment is lower than expected.

The Leader previously reported that as part of the Government’s campaign to recruit 20,000 additional police officers over the next three years, figures revealed that a total of 309 new recruits have joined forces across Wales.

Around 95 new officers will be recruited to North Wales Police.

However, Jack Sargeant, MS for Alyn and Deeside, said he is extremely concerned that police recruitment this year came nowhere near the levels needed to meet promises of 5,000 extra officers across the UK.

Mr Sargeant said figures of 5,824 officers being recruited so far this year, but around 9,000 officers a year retire with the figure last year being 8,700.

He told the Leader that 'we are over half way through the current financial year' and the Governments own figures suggest we will do 'very well to have the same number of officers as we did when the promise of 5,000 extra was made'.

The MS added: "Since 2010 twenty thousand police officers have been lost across the UK and this has had a noticeable impact on crime in Alyn and Deeside."

Mr Sargeant has contacted the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable of North Wales Police, to ask for an urgent meeting to understand the impact this will have.

He also recently wrote to the Home Secretary about the 62 additional police officers the Prime Minister promised Alyn and Deeside at the election but has not yet received a reply.

The MS said: “People are telling me they don’t feel safe, this goes beyond politics and I am seeking the support of elected politicians across Flintshire. We have to speak as one and say to the Government that this is not good enough.

“Nobody who lives in Flintshire can honestly say that police numbers are adequate, nor that these cuts haven’t made us less safe.

“I will I seeking urgent meetings to understand what measures the police can put in place to negate the effects of this huge shortfall in police officers.

“I really want to hear from residents about how police cuts have affected them, you can contact me at jack.sargeant@senedd.wales “