THE public are being urged to reduce their food waste when celebrating the spookiest night of the year.

In a bid to reduce food waste, waste management company,, have put together five fun DIY crafts and recipes that can be made from the vegetable of the season, the beloved pumpkin.

With party plans and trick or treating being cancelled this year due to Covid-19, the company is calling for a more sustainable Halloween, whilst still keeping the festive spirit alive.

With 20,000 tonnes of plastic and food waste being generated from Halloween celebrations each year, and the topic of sustainability being more important than ever, have put together their top five tips on reducing pumpkin waste:

1. Pumpkin bird feeder

If you have a spare pumpkin this Halloween season, a pumpkin bird feeder is a great garden addition to reduce waste and feed wildlife in the run up to winter.

You will need a pumpkin, a strong twine or rope, twigs for perches and bird seed.

Simply cut your pumpkin in half to create a bowl shape, then using a knife carefully make holes in the side of the pumpkin for twigs to be inserted to make perches for your visitors.

To finish, measure out some twine to hang the pumpkin in your garden and attach to your tree or branch.

Once secure you can add bird seed and watch the wildlife come to you.

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2. DIY pumpkin spice latte

An autumn favourite that you can make from home with leftovers from pumpkin carving, perfect for cosy nights by the fire.

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3. Pumpkin planter

Before you think of putting your carved pumpkin in the bin, why not turn it into a seasonal planter?

Simply fill your pumpkin with soil before planting your desired flowers and water for an on-trend and sustainable piece of autumnal decor.

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4. Pumpkin bread

A delicious way to turn your pumpkin into a tasty treat and the other ingredients can be easily found in your cupboards.

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5. Pumpkin face mask

Leave your face fresh and glowing with this super simple to make, pumpkin face mask.

Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen and it is an all natural recipe, what more could you want for the perfect autumn pamper evening?

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Mark Hall, waste management specialist at, said: "Halloween is one of the biggest events of the year, but the amount of waste it generates is extremely worrying, especially when bearing in mind the dire situation our planet is currently facing.

"The food waste it generates is just one aspect of a larger problem, but any steps we can take towards creating a more sustainable future are crucial.

"When your pumpkins are beginning to look a little unhappy after the Halloween celebrations have ended, be sure to compost or recycle your pumpkins to reduce waste being sent to landfill."

Visit to learn more about why anaerobic digestion is the preferred method for food recycling.

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