A GENEROUS Wrexham resident has been thanked for their contribution to road safety.

Bryn Cefn councillor Beverley Parry-Jones said a resident in her ward, who wished to remain anonymous, has purchased and donated a Bushnell speed monitoring gun to North Wales Police.

She said this will make an enormous difference to road safety in Pentre Broughton, Lodge,Moss and Brynteg.

The scheme will show roads where there are dangerously high levels of speeding and the data gathered will help the police to combat the problem.

PCSOs will monitor the traffic and motorists seen breaking the speed limit will receive warning letters from the police.

If speeding hot-spots are identified the police will take further action.

Cllr Parry-Jones said: “The aim of the scheme is to reduce the risk of serious accidents and improve the safety and quality of life for people living in Pentre Broughton.

"A huge thank you to the generous resident who so kindly purchased this piece of equipment."

Sgt Katie Davies said: “We are delighted that a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous has purchased this device to help keep residents and motorists safe.

"Speeding is one of the five most common causes of fatal road traffic collisions.

"The others are drink/drug driving, not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone and careless driving.

"Having a high visibility PCSO regularly monitoring motorists in the area will act as a deterrent while reminding motorists of their serious obligations when behind the wheel.”

The PCSOs operating the scheme will be fully trained to use indicator devices which record the speed and details of vehicles breaking the speed limits.

They will use the information gathered to create a database showing the scale of the problem and revealing any hotspots.

Cllr Parry-Jones added; ”I hope that people who are worried about speeding will let us know about any roads that they think are particularly dangerous so that we can watch these."

She added residents who do have concerns can contact her on 07826711048 or email Beverley.Parry-Jones@wrexham.gov.uk or contact North Wales Police on 101 non emergency line.