We know North Wales has seemingly endless miles of gorgeous countryside, beaches, mountains and woodlands but what about the smaller things?

I'm talking about those 'hidden in plain sight' gems. The things we pass by hundreds of times but never really 'see'.

Here, members of the Leader Camera Club have taken on the challenge to test readers.

Some are a close up out of context that will have you convinced you know it but can't quite put your finger on where or what it is.

Answers below for those struggling to find the answer or are simply curious.

If you'd like to take part, email your photo and what/where it is to claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk

And if you would like to join, visit the Leader Camera Club Facebook page.

1 Statue of Owain Glyndwr in Corwen. Picture: Stephen Lee

2 Steps in Moss Valley, Wrexham. Picture: Jill Adger

3 Carving by St Mary's, in Chirk. Picture: Claire Cranston

4 Urns at Great Hall, WynnstayPark, Wrexham. Picture: Alison Brace

5 Abandoned Anglesey bromine works. Picture: Vanessa Forshaw

6 Overton Arcade, Wrexham. Picture: Stuart Jones

7 All Saints Church, in Southsea. Picture: Tracey Rowland Kaye

8 In Plas Power woods between Bersham and Nant Mill. Picture: Mary Land