Leader readers have reacted to this week's 'firebreak' announcement for Wales by First Minister Mark Drakeford, and the handling of the coronavirus.

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• ALTHOUGH I totally get it about the lockdown this weekend, the Welsh Government must address the underlying reason and route cause for the spread of the virus.

Totally straight forward guidance has been communicated by all means possible, social media, TV and radio broadcasting and clear unambiguous signage, yet still we have a group of people, who are in the minority, who will not adhere to the rules.

Today, I had a nasty run in with a young man and his girlfriend who thought it was fine to walk against the pedestrian flow, clearly indicated on the floor by arrows, through Central Arcade, in Wrexham, whilst eating a pie.

He challenged who I was to judge him because he had a badge stating he was excused wearing a mask. When I went on to point out he was not following the one way system and he should not be eating a pie indoors whilst walking around, he got extremely aggressive and not until another shop owner intervened did he and his girlfriend leave.

It is down to business owners to ensure customers follow the Covid-19 rules.

We then have unruly children doing the same, when clearly they should be at school. I do not know if my business is going to survive another two weeks of being unable to trade but I am extremely disappointed that nobody in any authority is bringing these individuals to account, for flagrant breaches of the rules which so many of us are trying to follow.

The consequences of their actions is life and livelihood threatening.

Let us hope that after this reset, enforcement action will be stepped up or as the last two months have shown, this two week reset will have no long term or meaningful effect.

Steven Vale, Caroline's, Wrexham

• I KNOW this may not be popular but the firebreak, as per Welsh government guidelines from 6pm, October 23, until early November, a short sharp hit to slow down the virus from spreading. The First Minister's words, not mine.

In other words, another lockdown. We are doing this by forcing none essential shops, pubs and restaurants to close down for two weeks.

Now seeing as for five months we already did this plan of action, to what end I hear some ask? Did we beat and defeat Covid-19?

No, we didn't. Did we slow the spread, yes we did.

So we started to reopen pubs, shops, restaurants etc and education centres and what was the outcome, an increase in reported Covid-19, yet businesses have spent thousands of pounds on making their places as safe as possible for public use and no one has come up with its definitely pubs, restaurants or shops causing the problem.

I mean it couldn't be higher education centres, as you see them milling around in huge groups in town etc and even schools closing due to infection growing in the school place but wait the government has a plan in Wales, lockdown, sorry buzzword 'firebreak', for two weeks.

Wow, what then? Is it back to reopen shops, pubs, restaurants and other retailers? For how long, seeing as five months didn't solve the problem.

What good will two weeks do? Nothing springs to mind, it's similar to Groundhog Day except this is real.

And don't come back with testing as the problem solver, as the majority of tests done are for people who showed no symptoms whatsoever but went for it using up vital resources or even when someone did show signs and had a test, they didn't self isolate until results came back.

But travelling between Scotland and London to parliament seems to be the rule and not the exception, so will Gethin or Drakeford tell us what will happen after the firebreak or is it a case of us having to live with Covid-19 forever?

David Sharples, address supplied

• NEXT YEAR we are hopefully having the Welsh Government elections. I note that the First Minister is following the lead of other Labour lead authorities. He is making devolved power decisions and yet is using those decisions to try and get more money from Central Government.

Nice one that, make unpopular decisions and get someone else to pay for them.

If he wants to do this sort of thing then he should be held responsible by having to raise taxes himself, instead of holding out a begging bowl.

I suspect the latest lockdown is more to do with political posturing, ready for next year's elections, than to do with reality.

They are sounding more like a Plaid Cymru with their "prevent people crossing the border".

Is this a ploy to garner Welsh Nationalist support in the likely event that they will fail to get an overall majority?

Come on you local Labour MSs, answers on a postcard please.

Oh I forgot, you don't do answers.

Stuart Davies, address supplied

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