A BRAVE superhero has started the next journey of his life after completing months of gruelling radiotherapy.

Earlier this year during the Easter period, Aaron Wharton, 4, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer called Aanaplastic Ependymoma.

Mum Nicola said their lives were ‘completely turned upside down’.

She said: “It’s been a really tough time and with the pandemic as well it’s made it even harder because we haven’t been able to see our family but he’s doing really well.

“He’s started school as well and it’s amazing to see him like any other child. At the moment we are waiting for an appointment for his first MRI scan following the treatment but hopefully there will be no more growths.

“It’s looking well, everything is looking positive. He’s a really happy, positive little boy.”

Aaron’s parents noticed that when he was trying to smile, his face was lopsided, and the left side would remain expressionless whereas his right would try and form a smile.

However, his condition deteriorated, and he became more ill and distressed. After several hospital appointments, the 4-year-old was soon diagnosed with Bells Palsy, but returned to hospital after further ‘dramatic deterioration’.

His mum said he could not walk in a straight line and was ‘stumbling a lot’.

The Leader:

An MRI scan showed a tumour at the back or Aaron’s brain and was referred for surgery at Alder Hey Hospital.

After the 10-hour operation, Aaron unfortunately had further setbacks and the results of the tumour was confirmed as Ependymoma, which is a rare form of cancer.

The young Flintshire boy has since experienced 'set back after set back' with the family facing many 'tough decisions' and challenges, but continued to remain strong.

On July 27, Aaron had his last clinic appointment with the oncologist after six weeks of treatment at the Christie hospital in Manchester.

The Leader previously reported that his nursery, Little Stars in Deeside, was raising awareness of the illness and funds for the young boy who had been so excited to start school this September.

Ellen Lloyd Wilson said they have managed to raise over £1,500 through the ‘hugs, kisses and rainbow wishes’ campaign.

Ellen added: “Words cannot describe how incredibly proud we are of Aaron and his family. Or the course of July was a living nightmare for them all. At just 4 years old, the experiences that Aaron has had to face have been truly unfair. But as always, he has been a true super star through it all and his parents and family are doing amazing. We have been there for them all sending lots of ‘hugs, kisses and rainbow wishes’.

“A massive thank you to everyone for their kind words, thoughts, love, prayers and contributions. The knitted rainbows and bracelets have now increased Aaron’s funds to £1,000. So much generosity from each and every one of you and huge thanks and appreciation.”

On July 29, Aaron completed his radiotherapy treatment and rang the bell.

The Leader:

Ellen added: “Why ring one bell when you can ring three? And that’s exactly what Aaron did. The smile on Aaron’s face when ringing the end of treatment bell was heart-warming. What a remarkable young man.

“In total, Aaron has had 33 radiotherapy treatments over six and a half weeks. We are so incredibly proud of him and his family, our true little star.

“We are so proud of our very own little superstar superhero on finishing his radiotherapy treatment. Aaron has been simply amazing.

“Please continue sending your ‘hugs, kisses and rainbow wishes’. Thank you to everyone for their support. The family can now enjoy some family time at home, knowing we are here to support them.”

Funds raised went towards putting a smile on Aaron’s face following his gruelling year.

Despite further surgery, in September, Aaron started his first day at school.

His mum added: “Aaron's very first day at school. To think of how much this little one has been through over the last four months, to get to the point of being able to be like any other child, is simply incredible.

“Our superhero, we are all so very proud of you.

“The nursery has bought him a Nintendo Switch from the fundraising which he absolutely loves playing with and the rest of the money we are saving towards a holiday to Euro Disney because he absolutely loves Disney and it will be something he is really excited to experience.

“We are hoping to do another fundraiser next month, a charity walk, to help raise funds towards a special buggy. Because of the tumour and radiotherapy, it’s left Aaron feeling quite tired and we’ve been on the NHS waiting list for quite a while.

“I’d just like to thank the nursery for all of their support, they have been absolutely amazing, I don’t know what we would have done without their support.

“It means everything to us and we can’t thank everyone enough for thinking of Aaron, especially when going through a tough time themselves.”

More information and Aaron’s full story can be found online at https://www.facebook.com/AaronsStoryEpendymoma