CALLS have been made for BT to reconsider compulsory redundancies to protect key workers.

Local Member of the Senedd Jack Sargeant and MP Mark Tami are calling on BT group CEO Philip Jansen to reconsider moves that puts thousands of workers across Wales at risk of compulsory redundancy, reduced pay and compromised working terms and conditions.

Workers at BT, EE and Openreach have risked their own health throughout the pandemic to keep the country connected so others can safely work from home and contact their friends and family.

Jack Sargeant MS said: “Key workers deserve our respect and recognition; it is appalling that they are being treated in this way at a time of such great uncertainty. We are calling on senior managers of the BT group to rethink their attack on workers in Wales.”

Mark Tami MP added: “BT management must work alongside the CWU and come to an agreement to support workers and ensure as many jobs are kept in Wales as possible."

In a joint letter the Deeside representatives urged BTGroup to reconsider the decision.

They wrote: "It has come to our attention that BT, EE and Openreach senior management have chosen to attack the job security, pay and terms and conditions of 1,000s of Key Workers across Wales.

"These same workers are risking their own health keeping the country connected and enabling millions of other workers to work from home and keeping the vital NHS and public services running. Throughout the pandemic, your workers have worked tirelessly to ensure the economy can continue in some form and people can still have contact with their family and friends.

"The current threats of compulsory redundancy, drastically reduced pay and the undermining of pension agreements are totally unacceptable and completely fail to recognise the central role your key workers have played in the covid-19 response. These people should be rewarded for their efforts, not faced with these threats in a time of such uncertainty.

"We urge you to rethink your decision to abandon 30 years of good industrial relations with the CWU as a matter of urgency and listen to their recommendations to increase job security and maximise the number of UK direct labour jobs within the BT group. The very least your employees should be afforded is decent pay and fair working terms and conditions."