AHEAD of the school holidays at the end of October, Wales’ First Minister has said parents should enjoy what they can locally – and safely.

Mark Drakeford urged parents to stay within their local areas with their children during the half-term break and resist the temptation to travel.

Speaking at the press conference in Cardiff, he told the Leader: "My message to people is very clear and it is please do not travel, please don't go to places outside your own local area.

“In the discussion we had with local authority leaders yesterday [October 15] they were very keen to keep their local facilities open. Parks will be open and I am hopeful that children’s play areas will be open.”

Mr Drakeford says that it will be a matter of seeking out opportunities that are ‘close to hand’.

He continued: “My plea to parents who will be wanting to do things with their children over half term in every parts of Wales is that there are good things to do.

"Don't overlook what your own area has to offer you - explore that and help us as a result to keep you and keep Wales safe."