THOSE who served their country, and their families, can now get discounted travel fares.

The new Veterans Railcard, which went on-sale yesterday, will offer an additional 830,000 veterans, who are not covered by existing discounts or railcards, up to one-third off most rail fares from November 5.

This will also extend discounted travel to a named companion and up to four dependent children, if travelling with the card holder.

Wrexham’s MP and British Army Veteran, Sarah Atherton has welcomed the introduction of the railcard, calling it ‘an important step in making the UK the best place in the world to be an Armed Forces veteran’.

Commenting, Sarah said:

“I am very proud of this UK Government initiative. It is part of us repaying our huge debt to all those who served for our country, and an important step in making the UK the best place in the world to be an Armed Forces veteran.

"Our military have made huge sacrifices to keep our country safe, it is only right we show them how much we value their efforts once they leave the armed forces.

"Having served in the military myself, I know how this will improve the lives of military personnel for the better. For veterans looking to re-enter the world of work and connect with friends and family, it will cut the cost of travel to open up new opportunities."

The announcement has been widely applauded across Wrexham.

Mark Sazbo, of Wrexham Armed Forces and Veterans Club member, added: "We at Wrexham Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club welcome the Veterans Railcard as it means a cheaper and easier alternative to see family and friends that live around the country.

"It is nice that Veterans are being recognised in this way and, once all lockdown restrictions are lifted, I quite look forward to getting some sightseeing done."