ROB McElhenney caused a flood of comments on social media when he donned a vintage football shirt of the club he is intending to buy into.

The A-lister was named alongside film star Ryan Reynolds as the twoi mystery buyers looking to take over Wrexham AFC.

The post was made by the ‘It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ actor after local radio station Capital FM posted a tweet tagging Reynolds in a clip showing a modern Wrexham AFC shirt being put into an envelope and addressed to Los Angeles.

Fans were quick to point out that McElhenney was also a potential bidder yet seemingly shunned from the gift.

Later, the actor himself acknowledged the post as “noted” and took to social media himself with a snap donning a vintage Wrexham AFC shirt

The actor posted a photo on Twitter, with the caption: "I don't want your pity. I went old school anyway."

A flurry of comments came from fans that loved the comeback.

This follows a string of recent tweets that show the actor hard at work whilst also trying to fit in the last few Wrexham AFC games whilst in the United States.