A TRAIN owned by Llangollen Railway had its windows smashed and seats and tables damaged by vandals.

North Wales Police has launched an investigation into the incident which occurred some time between Friday afternoon and Monday (October 12) while the train was situated outside Llangollen train station.

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Police say the perpetrators "smashed windows, pulled up seats and tables and left empty bottles of alcohol".

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Liz McGuinness, general manager of Llangollen Railway, which has battled to survive amid the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, said: "We are devastated at the awful damage that has been done to our beautiful carriages.

"It's one of the carriages we use and were hopeful of using when we plan to reopen over October half term.

"We're not sure exactly how much repair costs are going to be, but it's going to be in the thousands. 

"In my nine years of working for Llangollen Railway this sort of thing has only happened once - and that was years ago.

"It's saddening that someone would go out of their way just to cause damage to one our train's carriages."

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Anyone who can assist police with their enquiries is asked to call them on 101 quoting reference number Y150557.

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