I was in the process of reading about all the wonderful things that are going to happen in Wrexham as suggested by our 'civic leaders' when I was given a copy of notes made by an attendee at a meeting between the market traders and WCBC held on October 6.

Now forgive me if I am, wrong but Wrexham is a proud market town, the people who live and work here (well the ones I talk to anyway) identify themselves as coming from such.

In my eyes it makes sense to ensure our markets and traders are helped through these uncertain times so they can thrive and expand when we come out the other side. Meaningful engagement with those at the heart of our markets must surely be a priority.

So, the questions asked on behalf of concerned traders during this meeting seem to me to to be perfectly valid. The arrogant response which at one point likens this global pandemic to a "holiday" by WCBC beggars belief.

I shall elaborate:

Q. We do feel it is unfair to expect us to pay rent during the lockdown as it was WCBC who shut the markets.

A. You had grants which was to pay your rent.

Q. Many stalls could have carried on legally trading, it was you (WCBC) who shut the markets, why should they pay rent?

A. You had grants which was to pay your rent.

Q. If we reduce our trading days, can we reduce our rent by 20 per cent per day?

A. No, You still pay your mortgage whilst on holiday.

I could go on but truly, truly, despair!

Wrexham will never, ever, thrive as an organisation with this arrogant, negative, unhelpful attitude.

Before anything else happens, I suggest that Wrexham County Borough Council puts itself, as an organisation, through the Investors in People programme.

Maybe then, it can set itself some meaningful objectives which it can measure itself, and its employees against.

Steven Vale, Wrexham

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