CONCERNS have been raised after visitors attended a funfair in Wrexham over the weekend.

A funfair has been set up in Cefn Mawr with Covid-19 safety measures in place.

However, residents have branded the decision as 'irresponsible' and 'ridiculous' as the coronavirus cases continue to rise across the county.

Andy Smith said: "I was driving past on Saturday and there were loads of people there, around 200 I'd say.

"It's just absolutely ridiculous, even if there was only ten people there, it's still a ridiculous decision to open a funfair during a pandemic. It's irresponsible.

"Who in their right mind would allow this to happen? It's no wonder the country is beginning to lockdown again.

"There's no doubt that we will see a rise in Covid cases in a couple of weeks after this. It's just a ridiculous thing to happen.

"Especially with everything going on and things are getting worse by the day and by the minute, we need to take as many actions as possible to limit the spread. A funfair is not preventing the virus, it's helping it.

"What social distancing measures are in place? Payments or cleaning equipment in between rides?"

Wrexham Council confirmed that Public Protection Officers visited the site before the funfair opened last week and safety advice was issued.

A spokesman added: "Under the present guidelines funfairs are able to open with safety measures in place. Our Public Protection Officers visited before the funfair opened and advised on safety matters to be put in place prior to opening.

"Assurances were received and Officers visited Friday and Saturday evening with colleagues from North Wales Police to assess compliance. Officers found that measures implemented on site were reasonable.

"We have liaised with North Wales Police in relation to our experiences of the weekend."