We are a nation of animal lovers!

From dogs and cats, bunnies and hamsters, lizards and birds, pets are an enormous part of our lives.

Whether it's a furry friend, fish, spider or snake, they become part of the family. A cherished part of our day to day life.

Have you welcomed a rescue animal into your home, changing both your lives?

Or do you have an animal that has been your reason to be cheerful during the strange and isolating lockdown days?

To celebrate the role our pets play, we'd love to see your pictures and put them firmly in the spotlight - where they belong.

If you would like to be included in our pets page, you can let us know about your animal here or email claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk

Meet today's set of much-loved pets...

The Leader:

• Shane Lee Card Roberts, from Flintshire, introduce us to two special family members: "This is Red and Tinker AKA Double Trouble. We have had Dogues de Bordeaux in our family for more than 15 years, but when we lost the mother to Red she went into a depression and would hardly move from her bed (she was only 18-months-old), only to eat and pee, it was heart breaking.

"We had to do something and fast, so we went to NCAR to find her a best mate (everyone needs a bestie, right?). This little bundle of joy called Tinker did the trick. Almost immediately she took him under her wing like he was her own and they become inseparable. The two of them have pulled the wallpaper off the walls, ruined a settee, pulled up the hall laminate flooring, chewed five remote controls, escaped off up the road numerous times, all in the first six months. It was a joy to see them, repairing the damage not so much."

The Leader:

• Anne-Marie Rochon and Sheriff Kaya, from Ruabon, have shared pictures of their cat Leo: "He is a ragdoll and a new addition to our family. Cutest boy in North Wales. Leo is growing really, really fast but he is still a baby."