A WREXHAM woman is hoping to empower body confidence for those of all sizes.

Megan Byrne, who has struggled with weight issues herself, has started the Body Confidence Always campaign, in order to allow women, regardless of how much they weigh, to take part in body empowerment photo shoots.

She explained: "Confidence is beauty.

"My aim is to get as many women as possible involved, and to show them they are beautiful no matter their size.

"I have already done one photo shoot and I have a lot more in the works, with all proceeds going to charity, which are the Giddos Gift, Young Minds and Terrence Higgins Trust."

The Leader:

Ms Byrne revealed that she first took an interest into pageants around five years ago and admitted that although it is not what they are about, she personally felt that she had to be skinny in order to fit in, so was constantly on diets, which got to the point where she would not eat for days.

She added: "I then fell pregnant with my son and put on a lot of weight, I ate anything and everything I could.

"I kept telling myself I would lose it all after I had my baby but of course, I didn’t lose it all and it got harder and harder to shift the weight.

"I kind of accepted that I was always going to look like this - I’m ugly because I’m fat - but then I had a message of a wonderful woman who directs Miss Voluptuous Pageants and this pageant is all about accepting yourself as a plus size woman.

"I then began to go down the road of self-love, self-worth and really seeing that just because I’m plus size doesn’t mean I cannot be beautiful too."

This then inspired her to try and make others think and feel the same, which is why she decided to start her campaign.

The campaign is for women of all ages and all sizes, whether they are a size four or a size 24 plus.

Ms Byrne has also started organising photo shoots for men to show them that they are too, 'gorgeous, no matter of their weight'.

For further information, contact meganjbyrne99@icloud.com