A TOWN council has issued its "complete opposition" to a "controversial" parliamentary appointment.

Claire Regina Fox was appointed to the House of Lords as Baroness Fox of Buckley on September 14.

Buckley Town Council has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the matter.

In it, town clerk and financial officer Martin Wright explains: "I write on behalf of Buckley Town Council to express the town council's complete opposition to the above appointment.

"The town council is surprised that no forward communication was received with regards to the above lady taking the title of the town of Buckley in her letters patent, to seek the town council's opinion on the use of the town's name in her title.

"The town council wishes to inform you that it renounces any association of Baroness Fox with Buckley and disassociates itself from her title.

"The actions of the said lady, in the past, do not associate with the values of Buckley or the town council."

Mark Tami, the Labour MP for Alyn and Deeside, also condemned the use of Buckley in the title of Baroness Fox, who was nominated to the House of Lords by the Prime Minister.

He called on the Prime Minister to intervene to stop it, adding: "The people of Buckley won’t want to be associated with this controversial peerage.

"It is astonishingly offensive that this Tory government is rewarding Claire Fox with a place in the House of Lords."

Emma Preece, Buckley town councillor for Bistre West ward, said: "Buckley residents have contacted me and are furious at her taking the name of our town as her noble title."

A spokesman for 10 Downing Street said: "Claire Fox has addressed her historic comments about the Troubles and acknowledged the pain that the families of the victims of terrorism have faced.

"She is not a Conservative peer, and her political views will differ from those of the Conservative Government."

Baroness Fox was approached by the Leader for comment.