PLAID Cymru councillors in Wrexham have welcomed news that parking in council car parks will be free from 11am to help the borough's businesses.

The current free-parking arrangements were due to come to an end at the end of the month, and Plaid Cymru had called for a 'free after 10am' parking scheme to continue to encourage visitors and shoppers into the town centre.

From October 1, Wrexham Council will be reinstating car parking charges but they will be free to use after 11am, except for Tŷ Pawb, where normal parking charges will apply all day.

Cllr Carrie Harper, speaking on behalf of the group, said: "Town centre traders need every possible boost they can get in these very difficult circumstances. The free parking scheme has undoubtedly helped and to lose that just as Covid-19 restrictions are re-introduced would have been damaging to the local economy.

"We wanted parking to be free after 10am to boost trading and made our representations to the council. We're glad that they've listened and gone with a 'free after 11am' compromise.

"We also need to see better public transport links into the town and from surrounding communities but that's not something currently in Wrexham Council's gift. The parking situation is something we can directly impact and I hope it'll provide some help to businesses in the town."

Outside of the town centre, charges will also be reinstated in their country parks, technology park and Ruabon Station but they will not be free after 11am.

Normal charges will apply in town car parks from 8am until 11am.

Motorists should also remember that time limits in the short stay car parks will apply and should be observed, with fines being issued to vehicles staying longer than permitted in short stay car parks.

Cllr Mark Pritchard, leader of Wrexham Council, said: "Free parking has been in place since the end of March in order to support workers providing critical services for the public.

"We suspended car parking charges at the beginning of lock down and continued with the offer as lockdown has gradually been relaxed we continued to offer free parking in order to support town centre traders, particularly independent traders who had been severely affected by the lockdown.

"Unfortunately, the opening up of the town centre has led to free parking being misused by many town centre workers and residents and we have now taken the decision to reinstate charging but to allow free parking in the majority of town centre car parks after 11am.

"This we hope this will encourage visitors to the town centre to support town centre traders.

"I would like to thank staff and fellow coalition members for their support with free parking and the introduction of the free after 11am offer."