"Why not Wrexham, James?"

That was the reply from actor and producer Rob McElhenney when a twitter user asked him why he was interested in investing in Wrexham AFC.

The actor, best known as the creator and star of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was revealed to be one of the investors interested in buying the club alongside Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

The town has been buzzing with excitement since the news broke last night, and some Wrexham fans have tweeted the stars.

The Telegraph's Northern football reporter James Ducker bluntly asked "Why Wrexham Rob?"

To which the actor replied why not.

Fans have been quick to say why the actors should invest in the club.

Joël Grimal tweeted: "They are sleeping giants. Great ground, great history, very passionate loyal fans & so close to the Football League you could see immediate profit on your investment after only one year (if they get promoted)

"I REALLY hope you two buy them!"

Fearless In Devotion tweeted: "If this happens, and it succeeds both in the short and long term, then thank you. Simply, thank you/diolch yn fawr iawn."

Dion Williams tweeted: "Exactly Rob, we are big time. 23 Welsh cups, what more could you want?"

Dylan Rhys Jones tweeted: "You won’t get a more passionate, loyal and dependable town, people or team as Wrexham. Historocally they were first in so many things as a football team, and don’t forget , because they wont allow you to forget, THEY ARE WELSH."