DEAN KEATES declared it "a weird and wonderful world" as he addressed the takeover talk.

News broke as Wrexham were doing battle with Telford United that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were the “two extremely well-known individuals of high net worth”.

And after watching his side lose 1-0 to Telford, Keates said: "They are interesting times and, potentially, exciting times for the football club going forward.

"It's all ifs and buts at the moment.

"The news got broken to me just before kick-off and at the time we had a football match to get ready for.

"As I always say, we will cross bridges when we come to them."

The Wrexham boss continued: "I've heard the name tonight. It's a shock, but it's a weird and wonderful world we live in.

"The people who represent the fans and the football club will have further conversations with them and if it's right then we will see what happens."

"It's early days."

Asked if the news of the famous duo, who have an estimated net worth of over £150 million US Dollars, was enough to get him excited about the future.

"How can I? If I start hanging my hat on it and it doesn't happen, what's the point?" said Keates.

"It's like me buying a lottery ticket, I start spending the money and my numbers don't come out."