CONCERNS have been raised over speeding on a Flintshire road which will cause 'someone to be killed'.

Sian Williams told the Leader that Hawarden Way in Mancot is 20mph, however motorists are speeding through the road, despite recently added speed bumps.

On Friday evening, one car was going so fast over the speed bump that a spring flew off, hitting Sian's parked car.

She said: "My car windscreen has been hit by a spring that has broken off from a speeding car over speed bumps.

"The speed up and down is still ridiculous it should be 20mph. Nobody has admitted to the damage."

She told the Leader that the traffic calming measures were introduced a few months back, but no-one is taking notice.

She added: "I was in my garden so I don't know what exact speed they were going when the spring came off but cars always go flying over the speed bumps.

"All houses around here are terraced and so springs flying off will be very close to a house window.

"The speed bumps haven't long been put in but they just aren't taking any notice.

"There are people on dirt bikes as well doing wheelies and they are going to fall off and spin out of control.

"It's a busy road, especially since lockdown eased and everyone started going back out in their cars again. It's a cut through road to Broughton and other main areas.

"But people walk up here and the kids go up and down to school, if that had happened around school time the spring could have hit a child's face.

"Someone is going to get killed one of these days. The road is 20mph so do 20mph. The speed limit is there for a reason."