Pets are often our favourite members of the family, and we regularly share photos of our readers' beloved animals.

Do you have a picture perfect pet? Or maybe you have a rescue animal that has made a difference in both your lives.

Perhaps they have an unusual habit or do something that is guaranteed to make you smile.

From the exotic and unusual, feathers, fur, scales or shell, regardless of leg count, whether it's a funny photo, story or event, we want to hear from you.

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Here are some of our readers' pets we've heard about...

• Arran Moulton sent in this photo of dad Richard's 'shadow', Ollie.

The Leader:

• Denise Griffiths, from Minera: "This is Billy Bob a rescue cat. Apart from annoying his brothers Morrissey and Benni, he loves tummy rubs, running at high speed and food, preferably chicken but tuna is acceptable."

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• Neil Cooke: "This is Peggy in May this year. Sadly she died two months later aged 16 years and two months. Peggy was a wonderful loving dog, that so many people sadly miss."

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