A YOUNG boy has written a poem in a bid to spread awareness of a common speech impediment.

Victoria Wiggins, of Wrexham, and her 10-year-old son Sam wrote a poem about stammering in the hopes of raising awareness and helping other children.

Sam has had a stammer since the age of three.

Mum Victoria said: "His poem has had an incredible response on social media, the British stammering association shared it on YouTube and it received 3m2k views in just three days."

Here is Sam's poem:


I have a stammer

It's a part of me

My words can get stuck

And they don't flow free

It doesn't mean I'm shy

I'm not weak or scared

Sometimes my words

Are just hard to be heard

The words are right there

On the tip of my tongue

They often get stuck

And my pauses are long

Sometimes I repeat

A sound or a word

This makes it hard

For my voice to be heard

I ask you to wait

Be patient and smile

My words will come out

But It may take a while

Don't finish my sentence

Don't laugh and don't stare

Just give me some time

And show me you care

The more I relax

I want you to know

I feel more confident

And the easier they flow

I am important too

My opinions still matter

I just struggle to keep up

With the flow of the chatter

Be happy being you

And that is the key

I have a stammer

It's what makes me, Me ☺