THE First Minister of Wales addressed concerns that the new local lockdown situation in neighbouring north west England will have on North Wales

Leading up to the press conference held in Cardiff, the UK Government announced increased coronavirus measures were to be put in place across parts of the north west region in England – including the Merseyside region as well as parts of Cheshire including Warrington and Halton.

Concerns with the proximity of these areas to nearby North Wales, Mr Drakeford looked to address worries that visitors may bring coronavirus into the area.

The minister said: "Some of the areas where changes are being made in England are right along our border and they have an impact on us in Wales, which is why we are entitled to have an opportunity to discuss them and to make sure we have understood that.

“I have had no opportunity to discuss with any English minister whether or not they intend to impose any travel restrictions as part of the package of measures they are introducing.

"If they are not, then there would be no restriction on people continuing to come to Wales purposes."

During this response, the minister also gave his thanks to those who worked so hard to allow Wales to reopen its tourism industry during the summer months and allowed visitors to enjoy staycations in Wales this summer.

Strict new measures have been announced in the English towns and cities that fall into the impacted areas in response to the sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases recorded.

From Tuesday, the new regulations in the areas mean that there will be no mixing of separate households in one house or private garden, food and drink venues will operate with table service only and there will also be a late night operating hours restriction introduced - with hospitality, leisure and entertainment venues required to close between 10pm and 5am.

Residents in the impacted areas are also urged not the make use of public transport (except for essential purposes) and there will now be no spectators allowed at amateur or semi-professional sports.