WREXHAM Council has responded to two complaints about possible coronavirus regulation breaches at Wrexham supermarkets.

The council says Public Protection officers have received more than 100 complaints about social distancing at premises in the county.

It comes as Wrexham's MS Lesley Griffiths called on the local authority to check that supermarkets are complying with the latest coronavirus guidance.

Lesley Griffiths, Member of the Senedd for Wrexham as well as being the Minister for Environment, Energy & Rural Affairs, wrote to the council to make sure customers and staff are being kept safe.

She said she had received a number of complaints from constituents about the lack of social distancing and other measures in the county's supermarkets.

She called on Wrexham Council Leader Mark Pritchard to ensure officers were visiting shops and taken action where necessary.

In response, Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Protection, said the council's officers had been and would continue to take enforcement action when needed.

He said: “Public Protection officers have been responding to two complaints against supermarkets in Wrexham County Borough and over 100 complaints relating to social distancing concerns at other premises over the last few months.

"Our officers have a good understanding as to current Covid19 related risks and efforts have been undertaken to proactively inspect specific business sectors such as the pubs and bars to ensure that social distancing measures are being appropriately implemented. We will also be undertaking a specific programme to advise and monitor those business providing close contact services, such as hairdressers/barbers etc. as these present specific covid19 related risks. Our Officers have and will continue to take enforcement action if required to ensure that all business within the County Borough comply with relevant measures, however we are also mindful that certain business sectors present higher risks than others, this is reflected in the different measures outlined in Welsh Government’s guidance.

"Officers will continue with their pro-active work for as long as necessary in order to Keep Wrexham Safe.

"I encourage everyone in Wrexham to continue to exercise social distancing and to pay close attention to hand hygiene. We none of us wish to have any of the freedoms recently gained to be taken away as has happened in Caerphilly, Rhondda Cynon Taff and now the North East of England.

"Please help us all to keep Wrexham safe."

On Monday, September 14, new measures came into force in Wales, as well as other parts of the country.

The new restrictions in Wales make the wearing of face coverings mandatory in public indoor spaces and banning more than six people from an extended household from meeting inside.

On her Facebook page, Ms Griffiths said: "I continue to receive correspondence from constituents who feel some local supermarkets have retreated too quickly from some of the safeguards they had put in place earlier in the pandemic.

"While not all are at fault, supermarkets must comply with the Welsh Government guidance and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"Local authorities have new enforcement powers to take reasonable action against premises which aren’t complying with the regulations. I have contacted the Leader of Wrexham Council to question whether environmental health officers are visiting supermarkets to observe their procedures.

"The safety of their customers should be their priority."

Wales' Health Minister Vaughan Gething warned a second coronavirus lockdown could be enforced in Wales within weeks if people do not change their behaviour.

Vaughan Gething warned the pattern of increasing cases was “similar to the situation we faced in early February” and said action had to be taken to prevent significant harm or another full lockdown.

He said: “In early February, we faced a position where we didn’t have the range of knowledge we have now, but we went into a national lockdown in essentially the third week of March,” Mr Gething said.

“So there’s a period of weeks for us to resolve some of the challenges we have, which is why we appeal to people to reconsider the choices we’re making, who we’re seeing, how many people we’re seeing, because otherwise we may need to make more local lockdown choices or potentially a national lockdown with all the interruption that causes."

He added: “If there isn’t a change in behaviour, we could well be not just seven weeks away from a national lockdown, it could potentially be much quicker."

Anyone with concerns about premises not operating within the mandatory guidelines should contact us via email at contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk