They say every day's a learning day, and that was certainly true when I had a social distant meeting with local historian Brian Bennett.

Discussing his second book, A Pictorial History of Mold & District, I find out about deltiology, the study and collection of old postcards.

The word was new to me, the interest was not.

There's an huge appetite for nostalgia, looking back at how life used to be, and postcards are the perfect portal to the past.

Over the last six decades, Brian, who has always lived in the Mold and district area, now in Buckley, has amassed a sizeable collection of his own.

And it's these that have helped him fill the book with fascinating pictures showing the changes across the last 100 years, paired with photos of how the same areas look today.

There have been 200 copies printed, and proving 'local' history has global appeal, within days of its launch at The Bookshop in Mold, there are copies bound for Australia, Canada and America.

As we talk about Brian's "labour of love" we wander slightly off topic but I gain some clues as to his next project (no spoilers here though).

And as he educates me on why certain streets are called what they are, I suggest a book on just that is in order. That's one pre-sale guaranteed!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it's true in Brian's book. The visual journey across time, speaks volumes.

• A Pictorial History of Mold & District, is £6.95 with a donation of profits going to a local NHS cause, and available from Siop Y Siswrn and The Bookshop, both in Mold.

• If you have any photos or memories you would like to share, you can do so here or email