A FLINTSHIRE woman who was told had 'no chance' of success on a project has said she is doing it for the community.

Two years ago, in 2018 Vicki Roskams launched a campaign in a bid to reopen the landmark site of John Summers Clock Tower, to benefit the whole community and beyond.

Vicki, of Enbarr Foundation CIC wanted to include the local community in rebuilding the project to restore the landmark and be a part of history.

However, despite facing many hurdles such as the land being put up for auction, funding has been secured and work has already begun to transform the gardens, by recruiting local volunteers.

But Vicki said that when she first envisioned the project, she was questioned and doubted by many people, which still happens to this day.

She said: "Today I was asked again and questioned by a local Flintshire officer as to why I have taken on this Shotton Point project, as it has no chance of meeting its targets and fruition?

"Many bigger organisations have tried and failed, sometimes you have to know when to walk away.

"I've heard this a lot in my life as I have had to overcome prejudices, due to my disabilities, and my adverse childhood which I very rarely talk about, and people judge my passion or energy as aggression.

"Just like me, people in this community have had many broken promises and carrots dangled most of their lives, and through doing this mammoth project, as don't get me wrong I know it is a massive undertaking, if I can help restore one ounce of hope and confidence in a fractured society, then that was a risk worth taking."

Anyone wishing to help towards the project, whether by donating materials or their time, can contact Vicki at the Enbarr Foundation.

She added: "If I can be the flashlight and inspiration to that one person to help guide them and improve their lives and wellbeing then my job is done.

"It's called a ripple effect, and if my act of kindness, ark and bravery can help just one individual, then they will help another.

"I have seen over the past few weeks amazing results when we have opened up the gardens and projects to volunteers, and to see their hard work and hear their stories of the past, I will be proud to stand amongst them as we transform this site.

"We have had all ages from 12 to 77. So next time someone challenges you, and should you meet resistance, take comfort, it's a great way to build muscle.

"Also as a woman, I am born to prove people wrong, so as soon as someone tells me I can't, I will show them 100 ways how I can, and surround myself with a team that ensures that it happens."