A WREXHAM man has been jailed for two years for breaching a sexual harm prevention order imposed by the courts.

At a hearing before Mold Crown Court, Michael Andrzej Denkiewicz, of Dean Road in Wrexham, admitted the charge put before him.

Sion Ap Mihangell prosecuting, first told the court that on March 24, 2017, Denkiewicz was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order – restricting him from having unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 16.

He continued by stating that the 38-year-old was at a play park on Newquay Drive in Wrexham on May 12 last year.

Children were playing at the park with friends when they spotted Denkiewicz standing nearby drinking alcohol and smoking. One of the girls – who cannot be named for legal reasons – recognised him from being a previous victim.

The court heard that Denkiewicz was ‘blowing kisses’ in their direction and staring at them to the point they felt uncomfortable.

One of the girls on the park ran home to tell her mother what she had seen, and the parent saw Denkiewicz on the edge of the park drinking a can of larger.

The other children had congregated into one group, and the court was told they felt scared by Denkiewicz.

Police were called, the court was told, and parents quickly took a photo of Denkiewicz at the scene to be used as evidence later on.

Denkiewicz was later arrested by officers of North Wales Police.

In interview, he told police that the children were in fact making contact with him.

He admitted to being at the park as his son wanted to play there and accepted that due to his order he should not have gone there but denied that he had made contact with any children.

The defence, Henry Hills, addressed the court saying Denkiewicz’s offence happened when he was collecting his son from his ex-wife and the intention was simply to go for a walk together but the child was asking to visit a park.

He adds that Denkiewicz was outside the park boundary – surrounded by a metal fence – and did not in fact make any physical contact with the children.

He goes on to address that Denkiewicz has a ‘serious drink problem’ which needs to be taken into account when looking at his pattern of behaviour.

In passing sentence, Judge Nicola Jones could not see a reason to suspend the jail term.