GRANT funding is now available for businesses in Wrexham town centre.

The new Transforming Towns Thematic-Covid 19 Grant, which has been provided by the Welsh Government and administered by Wrexham Council, allows businesses to reach more customers whilst maintaining social distancing and ensuring a sense of wellbeing and safety in the area.

It can only be used to purchase fixed assets such as outdoor tables, chairs, seating provision and servery facilities, outdoor awnings and canopies, screening, bollards, planters and social distancing measures.

A spokesperson for the council, said: "It can’t support any revenue costs such as maintenance or goods and services.

"Businesses can apply for a maximum of £2,000 or 80 per cent of the cost depending on which is the lowest number.

"Collaborative applications will be welcomed."

In addition to the new grant, the council will continue to operate a number of other schemes to support businesses in the town centre.

Cllr Terry Evans, lead member for economic development, added: "We're doing all we can to support traders as more and more people come out of lockdown and into the town centre.

"This grant is an excellent opportunity for premises to expand onto the pavement to increase their customer numbers whilst maintaining safe social distancing.

"Customers will feel safe and the town centre will look and feel more attractive."

Other schemes include the Property Improvement and Development Grant, which provides gap funding for commercial building occupiers and owners to enhance building frontages, improve the quality of the signage and bring vacant commercial floor space back into beneficial business use.

This funding will help to create new businesses and allow current businesses to grow whilst assisting with the overall regeneration of the area.

This opportunity is available until the end of March of next year.

The Town Centre Regeneration Loan scheme is also available for owners of commercial premises in need of improvement or change of use, located within the town centre.

The purpose of the loan is to improve the property for continued ownership, to sell, to rent, or unlock a vacant or stalled site.

The loan fund cannot be used to repay existing borrowings.

The minimum loan value available is from £5,000 to a maximum of £1,000,000.

The maximum loan term is for five years and the loan funding can be used in conjunction with the Property Improvement and Development Grant or the Transforming Towns Covid-19 Thematic Grant.

For further information or for a pre-application form, email

Grant applications can be made online via