A NEW Wrexham-based takeaway app is set to be launched next month.

The 'Wrexham Eats' app, which is similar to other well-known food service apps like Just Eat, will offer cheaper rates for takeaway traders in the area to use and will also put money back into the community.

Michael Hoad and Aaron Hoad, creators of the app, which is set to be active on October 1, said: "Our aim is keep money in Wrexham by charging takeaways less commission but also reinvesting 50 per cent of our profits back into advertising for the takeaways we support, as well as supporting local charities and sports teams.

"We have watched other companies like Just Eat and Uber Eats charging high commissions for years now and we think to ourselves, where does the money go?"

The creators also explained that they are not trying to fool members of the public into thinking they will not be making money from the app, but they will also give back to the community of Wrexham.

They added: "The package we offer takeaways is completely risk free.

"This provides some of the smaller bakeries and family run businesses a chance to increase their business sales, which is an avenue they may not have been able to afford previously."

All takeaways listed on the app when it launches will have at least 10 per cent off of their menu for the first 10 days, with some having 25 per cent off.