A DEESIDE mum has described the terrifying moment tried to get into her car with her baby inside when she stopped at traffic lights.

The incident occurred on Chester Road West in Shotton at about 8.45am on Tuesday which left the driver, Sophie Farrall, "so shaken up".

Miss Farrall, 27, explained: "The traffic lights had turned red and I was front of the traffic.

"A man wearing a black padded coat was waiting to cross. When he started to cross instead of going in front of the car he came down the side towards my car so I quickly locked my car.

"He came down the passenger side where my six-month-old baby was sitting and rattled the door handle.

"Without even think I drove off - meaning I unfortunately went through the red light."

Miss Farrall says she glanced through the rear view mirror and could see the approaching the car behind.

She added: "I was so shaken up and just didn’t know what he wanted or what he’d have done with my baby sat there.

"I’m just so glad I thought quickly enough to lock the doors."

The incident was reported to North Wales Police, a spokesperson for which said "he was given a strong word of advice from officers" following a report of a report of "anti social behaviour/nuisance".

Police say approached several cars "asking for a lift" off the drivers of them. 

The Leader: Traffic lights on Chester Road West in Shotton where the incident occurred. (Source - Google)Traffic lights on Chester Road West in Shotton where the incident occurred. (Source - Google)